MLRC, Myanmar Literacy Resource Centre is a nonprofit registered organization (1/local/1291) established in March 2000 as a result of the concerted efforts made by MERB (Myanmar), ACCU, UNESCO and MLRC.

MLRC is mainly concentrated in the Non-formal Education (NFE) and operating NFE and Literacy projects for the out of school children and urban poor youth, conducting training, workshops and consultancy services for the other INGOs and local NGOs working in the same field.

MLRC expects youth to develop their lives and elevate the socio-economic conditions of the community with the knowledge and skills learnt from the NFE programs. Other major stakeholders, Teachers/facilitators and Education personnel benefit in building up their capacity and skills. Parents and Community appreciate the peaceful environment and good behavior of their educated children.


Access to education is still a pressing challenge in Myanmar, despite efforts by the Ministry of Education (MoE) to provide quality education for children. According to the latest union consensus 2014, there were 2.7 million out of school children (OOSC) and youth in Myanmar.

When formal education system alone does not meet the education needs of the children, alternative learning is essential for those children as a complementary education, an equivalent (not second class) to the formal schooling.

MLRC NFE programs are in line with the Myanmar’s National Education Law which defines NFE as “Education outside the Formal School System, which instructs learners through flexible methods and upgrades learners’ education.”

Strategy & Objectives

MLRC adopts Alternative Flexible Strategy with Innovative Approach (based on the early 90s model, investing supply side of education- provide school, teacher, methods and materials) in the design and implementation of its Non Formal Education (NFE) programs (NFPE and NFME for Primary and Middle education) and “brings a school to the children who cannot come to school”.

Emphasizing Equity, MLRCsets three main objectives to accomplish – to promote the Literacy & NFE activities, to establish the flexible learning centres nationwide offering basic education to the OOS Children and Youth, to serve as a resource centre developing innovative learning materials, training educators and sharing NFE resources with other NFE collaborators.

Activities and Services

the NFE projects, supporting out of school children to get access to the basic (primary and secondary) education. MLRC has successfully produced and developed innovative literacy materials.

MLRC conducts skills development and refresher trainings for NFE personnel, provides technical support to other partners as part of the project. MLRC shares information on NFE strategies, curriculum, learning structure, credit assessment system and supports/exchanges the technical information and practices with organizations working in the same field.

MLRC projects have met a success due to its flexible alternative strategy and inclusive approach highlighted on the local skills development and community participation, great support from the Education Ministry, partners, donors and hard works of the MLRC professional team.