• Monitoring and Evaluation of Literacy and Continuing Education Manuel (with UNESCO-PROAP financial assistance)
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION booklet (with ACCU, Japan financial assistance)
  • HOW TO ESTABLISH CLCs (with Myanmar Nat. Com. , UNESCO financial assistance) (7 booklets, Myanmar Version)
  • CLCs manual (Myanmar version)
  • Basic Literacy Text books
  • Myanmar Language Reader for Learners and Teacher’s guide
  • Basic Numeracy for Learners and Teacher’s guide
  • NFE reading promotion materials
  • 32 booklets (Social and IGP) and 17 reading cards for literate learners
  • NFE capacity building online training materials (17 VCDs)
  • NFPE materials

Text books for NFPE learners (Myanmar, English, Math, Social and IGP workbook, life-skills) and Teacher’s guide