1. Curriculum development

The Technical Team is responsible for curriculum development. The NFPE curriculum is designed to meet the needs and interests of the children (10-14 years). The curriculum has been developed to cover the most essential basic learning competencies of the formal primary education. The curriculum is designed to be adaptable to the local context.

AreaSubject / Component
1. Basic Communication SkillsMyanmarEnglishMathematics
2. Expansion of Knowledge
3.Skill and Attitudinal Development
General Studies
4. Quality of Life ImprovementIG activities and local community services

2. Subjects taught and how teaching hours are shared

No.SubjectTeaching hour% of teaching hour
1.Myanmar192 hrs37.70 %
2.English74 hrs14.50 %
3.Mathematics120 hrs23.50 %
4.General Studies100 hrs19.60 %
5.Income-generating and Community services10 hrs2.00 %
6.Work Book14 hrs2.70 %
Total510 hrs100.00 %
2.5 hrs a day, 6 days a week.
204 days in a year.

3. Teaching-learning materials for NFPE Level 1 and Level 2

T.BookW.BookTs Guide
1Myanmar1Integrative Work BookTraining Manual and Guide Bookwith poems on audio CD
2English1with pronunciation on audio CD
4General Studies1In picture and reading card forms for Level 1
5Income-Generating ActivitiesGuide Book
6Local Community Services