Learning Approach & Methods

For the successful implementation of NFPE, Capacity building and training are held as follows, led by Technical Team and Resource persons :

1.TOT for Regular Training9 days
7 days
Central (Yangon)Instructors
2.New Training9 days two timesZonal ( Yangon, Mandalay, Mawlamyaing)New Township Monitors
New Facilitators
3.Refresher Training4 daysCentral (Yangon)Old Facilitators
5 daysCentral (Yangon)Old Township Monitors
4.Refresher Training2 daysTownshipOld Facilitators ( recently trained )
5.Capacity Building1 dayTownshipMembers of Centre
Management Committee
6.Capacity Building3 daysTownship Cluster
( 14 clusters )
Focal persons of DBE and NFPE Centre Heads
7.TOT for Standardized Test Administration1 dayCentral ( Yangon )Instructors
8.Standardized Test Administration Training1 dayTownship Cluster
( 14 clusters )
NFPE Centre Heads and Test Administrators