Way forward


  • Strong commitment of policy makers / decision makers from MOE
  • Policy directives, enactment of law on certification/ accreditations / equivalency from MOE
  • Participation with interest and strong commitment of educators/ officials from related departments
  • Continued assistance from UNICEF
  • Contribution of private sector donors, well-wishers and social organization

Challenges / Barriers

  • Expansion versus Quality Assurance
  • Coordination and cooperation among partners
  • Sustainability of facilitators and monitors
  • Mobility of out of school children and family
  • Parents’ attitude towards education for the children
  • Regular resource; financial, technical and manpower from education departments
  • Irregular attendance of learners
  • Weakness in plan implementation: awareness raising, monitoring , supervision and reporting of DEOs /TEOs and education staff

The Way Forward

  • Plan for expansion of NFPE and Initiation of NFME
  • Organize more awareness raising activities
  • Promote social mobilization for more community involvement
  • Strengthen and empower local communities through decentralization of the programme
  • Strengthen networking mechanism among related GOs, , Agencies ,NGOs, INGOs and the community
  • Strengthen the role of educational personnel at all levels
  • Institutionalize NFPE Standardized Tests
  • Explore and initiate feasible arrangements such as; mobile classes, IGPs, prevocational programmes, CLCs, supply, opportunity cost, etc.